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U/P Root Canal Sealer/Cement Grossman Formula

U/P Root Canal Sealer/Cement Grossman Formula

(Powder: 42% zinc oxide, 27% staybelite resin, 15% bismuth subcarbonate, 15% barium sulfate, 1% sodium borate anhydrous; Liquid: ally gualacol) Radiopaque, non-staining, non-irritating with excellent thermal insulation. Features an extended working time and excellent lubricating qualities. Available in pre-measured capsules that eliminate waste and insure the correct quantity for filling or economical bulk powder. Ideal for use with thermal plastic gutta percha systems.

REF 11612 Medium Set 30 Capsules 1/8oz (3.7ml) Liquid ea.
REF 11613 Economy Set 100 Capsules 1/2oz (15ml) Liquid ea.
REF 11615 Small Bulk Set 1/2oz Powder - 1/4oz (7.5ml) Liquid ea.
REF 11616 Medium Bulk Set 2oz Powder - 1/2oz (15ml) Liquid ea.
REF 11427 30 Capsules
REF 11428 100 Capsules
REF 11430 1/2oz (15gm) powder
REF 11431 2oz (57gm) powder
REF 11432 8oz (240gm) powder
REF 11435 1/8oz (3.5ml) liquid
REF 11437 1/2oz (15ml) liquid
REF 11438 2oz (60ml) liquid

MSDS for U/P Root Canal Sealer Cement (Liquid)
MSDS for U/P Root Canal Sealer Cement (Powder)

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